ACPO is the recently created business association that represents the marketers and grower companies of ornamental plants in Spain.

This association was born as a tool of collaboration and dynamization with the objective of promoting the consumption of ornamental plants, reporting its benefits and enhancing quality from the development of economically and socially sustainable production and environmentally conscious, among many other objectives, which are indicated in the website

The beginning of pandemic alarm in 2020 encouraged ten companies to collaborate together to front an uncertain market situation, which affected the spring commercial season, a key moment for the sector. Coplant, Corma, Fitoralia, Viveros Las Cunas, Vivero Las Fresas, Orvifrusa, Poleplants, Semperflora, Vivercid and Viveros Bermejo, were the initial companies that saw that they shared the same needs and problems, and that they could help each other, which have been also added La Pacheca Viveros, Rosales Ferrer, Solisplant and Viveros Mas de Valero. This group of companies adds an annual production that exceeds 40 million plants in more than 1,300 hectares of crops.

Plants are undoubtedly an essential element with multiple benefits that open up a world of opportunities. Green areas have become necessary and healthy spaces, and in this sense, ACPO wants to pay special attention to building a breakthrough in the innovative sector, promoting good agricultural practices and adapting to the increasingly complex regulatory framework.

With that spirit of joining forces, being able to develop collaborations with the rest of the companies and associations of the chain and being a symbol of the green sector, ACPO is presented under a logo that represents an elephant and a plant, and thus, in a herd, offer the possibility of joining new companies to the group in the future and consolidating its work in the sector.