Iberflora, the internacional, which is held from October 3 to 5 at Feria Valencia, will feature more than 25 Andalusian companies.
The Andalusian horticultural sector returns to Iberflora in 2023 and does so with strength and a great representation of brands. Its objective is to show the national and international visitor the productive power that the sector has in the
south of Spain.

Flower and ornamental plant, auxiliary products, technology applied to production… From October 3 to 5, more than 25 companies from this autonomous community will be showing their entire offer, especially in pavilion 3 of Feria Valencia.
In 2022, it was the autonomy that exported the most plants and flowers, reaching 174 million euros, which represented an increase of 16% compared to the previous year. This evolution is even more significant when compared to
data from a decade ago, when sales abroad barely amounted to 52 million euros.
According to official figures, last year 1,051 hectares of flowers and ornamental plants were cultivated in the territory, of which 628 were plants and the rest were flowers. The main producing provinces of Andalusia are Almería with 286
hectares and Málaga, with 108. Seville has 65 hectares of cultivation and Cádiz 25. The most representative species of the Andalusian sector are Dipladendia, Hibiscus, rose bushes, hydrangeas, poinsettias, callas, ficus , dracaenas,
scheffleras, Strelitzia and Epipremnum.

Some data on the sector in Andalusia
Andalusia stands out as one of the main ornamental plant producing regions in Spain. This is mainly due to the ideal conditions that exist in the region to produce flowers and plants of the highest quality. In fact, the production of ornamental plants in Andalusia is widely recognized in the sector at a national and international level, thanks to its varied climatic conditions that allow a diversification of species produced and the high degree of professionalization of the sector.
Added to this is that Andalusian nurseries apply strict quality standards, guaranteeing plant health, genetic diversity and the aesthetic quality of the plants, which has contributed to the excellent reputation of the Andalusian ornamental plant in the market, which has generated confidence and growing demand from consumers.

In addition to the production of ornamental plants and cut flowers, Andalusia also leads essential subsectors for the development of the primary sector and the maintenance of mountains and forest lands. This includes nurseries
dedicated to the production of plants for fruit and nut farms, as well as a subsector of forestry plants and landscape restoration, which provides the plants necessary to reforest mountains and urban green spaces.
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