Both companies continue to operate independently in the field of breeding, production and sales. They see joint opportunities in exchanging knowledge of innovative breeding techniques and research.

Beekenkamp Plants BV is a family business settled in Maasdijk (Holland) and is part of the Beekenkamp Group. Beekenkamp Plants BV has two divisions: Beekenkamp Plants Vegetables BV, producer of starting material for the professional vegetable grower and Beekenkamp Plants Ornamentals BV, breeder of cutting raised plants and producer of young plants from seed and cuttings (pot plants and bedding plants). In addition, Deliflor Chrysanten BV and Beekenkamp Verpakkingen BV also comprise the Beekenkamp Group. Since its foundation in 1951, the Beekenkamp Group has grown into a company with 2600 employees worldwide, a production of more than 2 billion young plants per year and with a total area of greenhouses of more than 90 ha.

Schoneveld Breeding BV is an innovative breeding company. The company develops flowering pot plants, markets starting material for growers and introduces new varieties. The family business was founded in 1930 and moved, last year, to a new breeding location in Wilp (Holland). Schoneveld Breeding BV produces and sells yearly around 200 million seeds of Cyclamen, Primula, Ranunculus and Campanula. The firm employs more than 300 people, including a team of specialists at the seed production site in Tanzania.

In the picture: Danielle van de Pol y Peter van de Pol (Schoneveld breeding) + An Beekenkamp and Marc Driessen (Beekenkamp Plants).