Growth regulators are a very important tool in the management of nurseries when it comes to getting well-formed, more compact ornamental plants with the size sought by the market. In this area, ICL offers the Spanish market the Bonzi® growth regulator for ornamental plants; a cutting-edge, totally reliable, flexible, safe solution that facilitates a more compact appearance with a better balance of flowers/stems on the plants, as it limits the growth of the stems and increases the number of branches.

Bonzi® is a paclobutrazol-based (4 g/L) product developed by the company Syngenta for foliar application which works by inhibiting the biosynthesis of gibberellins, which are hormones involved in the vegetative growth of the plant. Inhibiting the development of these hormones at an early stage of growth achieves a reduction in internodes and the compact growth of the plants, which also makes them more resistant. Bonzi® is easily absorbed by the plant through its leaves, roots and stems (particularly the last two) and is transported through the plant’s xylem, making it act fast, within 3 to 5 days, and with duration of at least 3 weeks. The effects of Bonzi® on ornamental plants are very positive, as in addition to reducing the length of the internodes, it intensifies foliage and flowering, prolongs the duration of the flowers, and improves tolerance of environmental stress. In general, the recommendation is to apply the product when the plant’s shoots are between 3 and 8 centimetres long.

 Bonzi®, a precision tool

What’s more, we can also say that Bonzi® is a precision tool, as there are agronomic factors that allow you to completely regulate the growth of the plants in nurseries: for example, a high density of plants makes for longer stems; a higher temperature promotes growth and a lower one reduces it; brighter light will give more compact plants; humidity favours faster growth; a constant supply of water allows greater vegetative development; and correct use of fertilisers also favours growth. It is important to point out that all testing carried out has shown excellent performance by Bonzi®: a single trim and treatment with Bonzi® resulted in compact, commercial plants compared to plants that had to be trimmed twice with no regulating treatment. Bonzi® saved one trim, bringing flowering and subsequent sale forward.




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To sum up, Bonzi® offers considerable advantages for nursery owners, with more compact, uniform plants with more branches and better developed root systems; flowers with more intense colours; scheduled, more abundant, uniform flowering; plants more resistant to stress; precise management of development phases, with a view to adapting the marketing of the plants to the market demand; reduction of labour costs, as the number of trims is reduced; reduced water and fertiliser needed; and greater durability of the plants in the supply chain, as well as after sale. For more information, also provided by ICL, please click.