Fleuroselect presents the 2022 gold medal winners: Helianthus annuus Gummy Bear (HM.Clause), Myosotis alpestris (Bellamy Blue Floragran), Zinnia hybrid Belize Double Scarlet (Takii) y Zinnia x hybrida Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor (Sakata). Each one of these breeding breakthroughs obtained an outstanding score on innovation, beauty and garden performance.

Helianthus annuus Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear, fresh sweetness for your outside space. Gorgeous lemon yellow, double flowers contrast beautifully with the lush green foliage and can spread up to 20 cm wide. The plants are well-shaped, uniform, and can reach a height of approximately 170 cm. Suited for both the professional and hobby gardening market, this newcomer offers many possibilities for middle-sized or large garden beds. Gummy Bear is also ideal for landscaping as it adds colour and height to green spaces and provides a dynamic environment.

Myosotis alpestris Bellamy Blue

Bellamy Blue, a beautiful friend to kick-off the spring season. With its innovative darker blue hue, this newcomer expands the colour palette of the early spring range. Bellamy Blue does not require vernalisation and is therefore suited for a longer season. Its cultivation fits in perfectly in any existing Myosotis cultivation scheme. The jury commented that the deeper blue colour was not yet existing in vernalization free Myosotis and therefore awarded Bellamy Blue with a Gold Medal for 2022.

Zinnia hybrid Belize Double Scarlet

Belize Double Scarlet, a colourful all-rounder for the patio and garden. As Belize branches more strongly from the lower node than from the upper one, the plants do not grow upright and keep a dome-like shape. Featuring a truly compact plant habit, this Zinnia offers many commercial possibilities. Star product of the range Belize Double Scarlet shows eye-catching double, scarlet red flowers and has been awarded a Gold Medal for its remarkable scores in last year’s trial. Thanks to the compactness, growers will hardly need to use any growth regulators and as the planting density can be increased, production capacity will go up.

Zinnia x hybrid Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor

Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor: spectacular shades meet powerful performance. This winner combines the strong performance of the series with an innovative colour combination of yellow and red. As the blooms age, the hues transform into attractive shades of rosy red, pink and apricot, offering an unequalled colour display on one plant. Short production time and strong disease tolerance. Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor is easy to maintain in the garden with an incredible performance all season long. Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor is also the recipient of an AAS (All-America Selections) Gold Medal for performance in North American trials.