When facing the fertilization of seasonal plants such as petunias, begonias and geraniums, professional nurserymen find themselves with the difficulty that in humid winter or spring conditions the number of irrigations is considerably reduced, which makes it difficult to nutrition by fertirrigación. Seasonal plants are very demanding in terms of nutrients and, if we cannot provide enough fertilizer via irrigation, important deficiencies usually appear in the crops.

ICL, a pioneer company in controlled-release fertilizers for more than 50 years with its Osmocote range, has developed specific fertilizers for the nutrition of seasonal plants in these conditions of high humidity and little need for irrigation, such as its Osmocote® Bloom range . This is a sustainable fertilizer, very easy to apply, that does not need a «starter» fertilizer and that provides the necessary nutrients at low doses and in a single application, with clear cost savings.

Osmocote® Bloom has been designed to be incorporated into the growing medium, releasing nutrients from the moment of its application, so it must be mixed just before putting the plants in the pots. During the first period after mixing, the levels of electrical conductivity (EC) will be low and, depending on the temperature of the substrate, the nutrients will be gradually released over a period of between 2 and 3 months, which normally coincides with the crop cycle of most seasonal plants.

Osmocote® Bloom contains a complete package of micronutrients and the small size of the granules is perfect for optimal distribution in the growing medium. The NPK ratio has also been specially calculated to favor a more compact development. The recommended dose is 2 to 4 grams per liter of pot volume. However, it depends on the crop and the growing conditions.




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Trials certify the effectiveness of Osmocote® Bloom

One of the keys to ICL’s success is its high investment in Research and Development, devoting a lot of resources to field trials, which are key to knowing for sure if a product is effective in real farming conditions before it is marketed. In this sense, multiple trials have been carried out with Osmocote Bloom in France, Germany, Holland, etc., whose results are available to producers and show the advantages of controlled release fertilization for the plant.

All these trials have shown that seasonal plants fertilized with Osmocote® Bloom grow with multiple benefits: they are more compact, they have better rooting, they are ready for sale between 2 and 4 days earlier, they have a longer useful life, they have a better color and more specific weight, as well as higher quality, etc.

Information provided by ICL