Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients when fertilizing ornamental plants, but sometimes there are crops that are very sensitive to phosphorus or have very low needs for this nutrient. The application of phosphorus in these cases can damage plants or cause diseases and unwanted problems, so it is necessary to adjust the application of phosphorus to a very low dose.

In this sense, a prior soil analysis is always necessary for correct decision-making for the subsequent management and application of fertilizers. Soil analysis will allow for precise adjustments before planting or during subsequent inputs throughout the crop cycle. A water analysis will also provide useful information, as regular watering with hard, very soft or saline water can affect the physical and chemical properties of the soil. Water analysis is also beneficial in plants grown in soilless substrates.

For cases where a reduced application of phosphorus is necessary, ICL has launched its products Osmocote Pro Low P 8-9M and Osmocote Pro Low P 12-14. 100% encapsulated controlled release fertilizers with a longevity of 8-9 and 12-14 months respectively, containing the basic nutrients NPK, plus magnesium and the main micronutrients for plants. Osmocote Pro Low P is especially indicated in specific situations of need for low levels of phosphorus or in crops sensitive to the presence of phosphorus.


Among its advantages we find the afore mentioned low phosphorus content for crops or situations with low demand for this nutrient, also offering a complete and high micronutrient package. The product releases the nutrients during the crop cycle so that the plants always have them at their disposal thanks to ICL’s proven technology for encapsulation and efficient release. In addition, this is a very easy-to-use, safe, reliable product with a very good quality / price ratio.

Osmocote Pro Low P can be used alone or together with Peters and / or Universol, these as a complement in irrigation throughout the growth cycle. Fertigation adds complexity, but can be useful if you need to vary nutrient availability or adjust nitrogen and potassium intake at different stages of growth. It is recommended to apply the mixed product on the substrate and contact an ICL technician to receive the best advice to get the most out of it and to know the appropriate doses.


Technical department of ICL Speciality Fertilizers