The cooperative Canaraflor in the Spanish region of Murcia was established in 1990, with approximately fifteen members and just 15,000 m2 of carnation cultivation, exclusively. During several years, the firm grew in all its aspects and different crops were introduced. Currently, Canaraflor agglutinates between 40-45 hectares of cut flower-production, mostly carnation. Only 5-6 hectares are cultivated outside, with gladiolus, Liatris, Solidago, and other species, especially for Day of Saints. The main part is cultivated under greenhouse, with carnation and, far behind, other crops such as Chrysanthemum. Regarding the clients, Canaraflor only sells to wholesalers. The company has a delivery service with its own vehicles for orders throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Spain consumes 30% of the product, while 70% goes to other countries throughout Europe.

Juan Maravillas is the manager of Canaraflor since 2002. In the interview published in Flormarket Global 102-2020, he deals with several highly actual topics such as: The Covid-19 crisis, the testing of new varieties, exportation, technology, and digital commerce. Click the following link and read the whole interview: