The Mercat de Flor i Planta Ornamental de Catalunya recently chose a new Governing Board, which on behalf of its 337 members, will manage the SAT for the next four years.

The new Board is headed by Mercè Martínez, from the Florinova company, and will have a team in which the flower, plant and accessories subsectors are represented. The new Board is made up of the following persons, each one with its specific responsibility:

President: Mercè Martínez (plant producer)
Vice President: Jordi Rodón (plant wholesaler)
2nd Vice President: Vicenç Conesa (plant producer)
Secretary: Jaume Brasó (producer-wholesaler of plants)
Deputy Secretary: Montse Gel (producer-wholesaler of plants)
Treasurer: Montse Ramon (flower producer)
Vice Treasurer: M. Cinta Juste (flower producer)
Member: Jordi Puixeu Ordi (wholesaler of florist accessories)
Member: Lluís Bartrés Luís (flower producer)

More female presence
Mercè Martínez is the first president of the Mercat in the entity’s 37-year history. She has got the experience as a wholesaler of cut flowers, accessories and decoration, and currently as head of administration of Florinova. In her career, which began in the 1980s, he has had the opportunity to get to know the sector both internally and externally, and has dealt with all its aspects, from production, through to marketing, and even flower shop and retail.
It is also the case that the new Board has the most women since the Mercat was created, with four representatives, they assume a more equal presence in the organization.

Revalue leadership
The Mercat de Flor i Planta Ornamental de Catalunya has managed, since its foundation in 1983, a large part of the ornamental sector in Catalonia. As a market in origin, where an important part of the flower and plant produced in its region is distributed. With the incorporation of many wholesalers, it also treats a lot of flower and plant imported from other regions or countries. And this leadership is what the new Board wants to revalue: «We have to recover the role of Mercat as a flagship in the flower and ornamental plant sector,» says Mercè Martínez, adding that «it is necessary for Mercat to shine and be more important». This is the challenge that she, and the new Board, takes on with great responsibility, but also with great enthusiasm, for the coming years.