On one of the pictures, the entire team of Viveros Bermejo has been captured in front of the new logistic-center in Madrid. The reason of this investment is improving even more its logistics concerning the Spanish capital and other areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The warehouse is located in the Industrial Park of the village of Cuba de la Sagra, very close to Griñón (Province of Madrid). It occupies an area of 1,500 m2 and has an apartment on the upper floor, for staff use. Logically, it includes a loading dock. In this post, a summary of the report in Flormarket Global has been reflected.

In order to improve service and open new routes

Madrid has been a stronghold for Viveros Bermejo for a long time. The company has three trucks, with a capacity for 26 carts each, and a trailer with a capacity of 20 carts. In recent years, the route to the capital during the spring campaign was made daily, from Monday to Friday. And, in this time of pandemic, customers in the area have grown. Bermejo has studied how to develop the business from now on for Madrid and the central and northern areas.

-The Viveros Bermejo Team in front of the new facilities in village of Cuba de la Sagrada (Province of Madrid)

Shipments with trolleys and pallets

The company manages to give a better service to clients in Madrid and the province, with deliveries between 24-48 hours. The objective is to achieve greater plant-freshness and distribute whenever possible with the own vehicles and employees. The project plans to strengthen the northern route of the Peninsula. In this case, the Madrid warehouse will act as the starting point. At the same time, it is intended to establish a route for the Region of Extremadura.

Viveros Bermejo usually delivers the plant in carts. But the customer also has the option of the transport on pallets. Especially when it is delivered by an agency in areas far from the main routes, often connected by secondary roads, small trucks are used. The dimensions of the pallet are designed so that they can be transported by this type of smaller vehicle. Each pallet can hold the same amount of plants as loaded by 1.5 carts. Viveros Bermejo sends these pallets to different parts of the mainland of Spain three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, seeking the best service. Delivery takes place in 24-48 hours.

– Mariano Bermejo taking care of the poinsettia quality