The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food launched a new promotional campaign under the slogan «You are the reason why». whose main objective is to spread the benefits of flowers and plants that provide well-being, color and joy in daily life, but also wants to send a message of thanks, gratitude and solidarity from the whole of society to the groups that have been and are on the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign encourages brightening up people’s surroundings (homes, workplaces or urban spaces) with flowers, trees or aromatic plants, as a decorative and therapeutic element of emotional well-being. Hence the choice of the tag # AlegráisNuestraVida (brightening up our life) for social media, where this campaign will have a special impact, especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The message «You are the reason why» seeks to unseasonalize the consumption of flowers and plants and change shopping habits focused almost exclusively as gifts for other people and on specific dates. Encourage yourself to buy flowers and plants for yourself. Therefore, the initiative seeks to encourage the purchase of flowers and plants at any time of year, as in other countries, and not only on special holidays or the most important moments of our lives. The campaign will have a special impact on social networks, with the hashtag # AlegráisNuestraVida, which everyone can use to invite their followers to enjoy the benefits of living with flowers and plants in their environment.