Extraordinary times call for new methods: Selecta One is now offering its customers individual virtual tours of a digital showroom. In addition, the ornamental plant breeder is issuing an invitation to visit the Selecta show gardens in Stuttgart or the Gärtnerei Filla nursery in Straelen, which are open from now until September. Interested parties are requested to get in touch with the responsible Selecta sales representative or the relevant contact person to make an appointment.

As an alternative to the trade fairs and customer open days that are not taking place, Selecta One is presenting a virtual tour of the current bedding and balcony plants as well as the range of pot carnations. Growers, buyers from the trade, press and anybody who is interested can now get in touch with their contact person at Selecta to make an individual appointment. Almost exactly like at a trade fair or variety show – only in digital form – the customer or interested party can saunter through the tables of plants and, in doing so, not only gain an overview of the current Selecta range, but also have highlights and new varieties presented to them – completely exclusively and with the possibility of obtaining advice from their usual Selecta contact person, asking them questions and exchanging experiences with them.

Beside many other outstanding new products and tried-and-tested varieties and series, the following exciting new varieties and new marketing concepts are highlighted in particular along the way:

Dianthus I❤U
The secrecy surrounding the new pot carnation for the 2020/2021 season has been lifted: I❤U features double flowers with delicate, wavy edges that change their appearance and colour during growth in a remarkable and unique play of colours from pink to a lighter pink and finally to white. This variety also has compact growth and a rounded appearance. The brand-new marketing concept for I❤U, with the bright graffiti of an ‘exploding’ blossom and cool lettering against an exciting background, is astonishing and surpasses all expectations.

Petunia Circus Sky
Clear the arena for the spectacular new Petunia Circus Sky. With its enchanting and attractive appearance, it transports you to the fascinating world of the circus. Among the finest of show highlights: an extraordinarily special Petunia delights its public with a completely new, never-before-seen combination of patterns and a vibrant, highly popular colour. A delicate, dreamy appearance that is still expressive and highly distinctive: the extremely fine, white edge of the flower emphasises the special, slightly wavy petal shape and frames the beautiful pink-violet centre of the flower. Bold white speckles lend it that special certain something. The violet gently diffuses into the pale centres of the petals, making them a real eye-catcher. ‘Bravo, bravo!’, confetti and sparkling eyes everywhere!

Calibrachoa Rave® Pink Hawaii
Exuberant dancing in the summer sun and Hawaiian beach vibes: the new Calibrachoa Rave® Pink Hawaii, in pink with a yellow and white centre is truly breathtaking. The striking star pattern is characteristic of Selecta’s Rave® series and makes the single-flowering varieties an eye-catcher from near and far. The varieties impress with early blooming, good branching and medium, easy-to-manage growth.

Line-Up Verbena series
The Line-Up is here: a promising new Verbena series and the first very early flowering and very compact series on the market. It not only covers all main colours, but also introduces two-coloured varieties – a strong ensemble for every taste! All individual varieties have a very compact appearance, can be produced without the need for any growth regulators whatsoever and are highly resistant to mildew. A unique new series on the market – tested, coordinated and established.

Lobelia Curacao® Blue Bay
The Lobelia Curaçao® Blue Bay makes you dream of secluded, tranquil coves. It impresses with its maritime blue and white colouring, early flowering and excellent summer properties.