Carpinus betulus ‘Minor Globe’ presented by Van Vliet New Plants at the GrootGroenPlus fair in Holland was awarded a silver medal. Carpinus betulus Minor Globe is a spherical growing tree, grafted on a standard stem. Is very suitable as an avenue or park tree. In contrast to other compact cultivars, the Minor Globe grows much wider than other Carpinus betulus. The leaves are remarkably sharp and deeply serrated and the plant forms quite long shoots, requiring regular pruning. Carpinus betulus ‘Minor Globe’ is very frost hardy. Its foliage is like the foliage of Carpinus betulus ‘Quercifolia’, but the leaves of the ‘Minor Globe’ do not expire, which is a problem with C. betulus ‘Quercifolia’. The jury awarded also four other new plants with a bronze medal. These novelties will be described in Flormarket Global 103.