Editorial: Respect valuable pollinators

IMP-Essen-2022 – New event “Sustainable Packaging in Horticulture

Trade fair Proflora rescheduled to 2023

Selecta One: Change shareholder structure

Effects of bio-stimulants and bio-pesticides

EuroDeco in Brussels. A new trade fair for ornamental horticulture and decoration

Challange+Proposal+Vision: Upperbloom takes care of flowering balconies

and terraces in Amsterdam

Challange+Proposal+Vision: A billion flowers for the bees


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Webinar Morel Cyclamen – Rooting. A flying start makes the culture so much easier

Robotics. RoboCrops designs a robot that indicates which roses should be cut,

according to the programmed ripening phases

Nutritional monitoring New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri)

Robots to detect and combat viruses in tulip production fields

Transport of pot plants by rail

Paola Andrea Matiz Gómez – Improagro – Colombia:

Nano-fertilizers are more effective, economic and ecological

Librería Verde – Green Bookshop

Punctual: Van Zanten Breeding + Campaign in German

Calendar of events for the green sector