– Editorial: Renewed confidence in the future

– Dutch Lily Days: June 7 -10, 2022

– Garden centers in Spain increase its clientele 13%

– Eight kilometres hedges of 30,000 hornbeam, to create the biggest green façade in Europe

– Contest european tree of the year 2022. Polish oak number one

– Challenge+Proposal+Vision. Floriade’s projects that remained in      the inkwell

– Challenge+Proposal+Vision: Tower One y Tower Two

– Challenge+Proposal+Vision: This “Green Eye” did not see the light

– IPM Summer Edition: Mix of product trends, new looks,         networking, meetings, and evening event

– Feed the pollinators

– Collectable Pollinators Flormarket Global: Perennials

– Collectable Pollinators Flormarket Global:  Trees, shrubs, and   climbing plants

– Four Oaks Trade Show: Visitor survey on the most relevant items     of the fair

– Controlled release fertilisers are more efficient in seasonal plants’     nutrition

– Technical approach of poinsettia: Pinching and Spacing

– Calendar of events for the green sector