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Marketing research. Effect of Covid-19 on the purchase of flowers and plants.

ACPO: The new Spanish Association of Ornamental Plant Marketers.

Jiffy Group appoints Richard Stevenson as its first global sustainability manager

VWS Export-Import of Flowerbulbs: www.vws-flowerbulbshop.com

Container Centralen is split into two specialized companies in Europe

HilverdaFlorist expands its greenhouse complex in De Kwakel (Holland)

The new Iberflora Digital Business will support the physical fair in future editions

Iberflora webinar. The vision of nurserymen and plant and flower marketers

Iberflora webinar. The vision of the representatives of the auxiliary industry

Iberflora webinar. The vision of the representatives of distribution and points of sale

The Circular360 family of circular plant pots of Pöppelmann TEKU®.

Challange+Proposal+Vision. Pokon launches PowerPlants

Challange+Proposal+Vision. Forest City-Cancún: The first Forest City of the new millennium

Contest European Tree of the Year 2021

Interview with Bernardo Llorca, expert in strategy and business development

Business management. Bernardo Llorca: The internal and external information base

for a coherent business strategy

The new facilities of Gramoflor Ibérica are already a reality

FM Global Puntual: Turkish Cargo + A greener Paris + Renovate agricultural machinery plan for Spain.

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Calendar of events for the green sector

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