– Editorial: What is the point of a World Horticultural Expo
– The Flormart fair will have a significant presence of international buyers
– The Iberflora Innovation Awards with four categories: Plant and flower, Plant
care, Garden equipment & decoration and Horticultural technology
Dutch Lily Days» 22. The new Lilium OT “Unity’ baptized at VWS Flowerbulbs
– Expo Flor Ecuador on its way. Get Ready!
Dutch Lily Days» 22. Steenvoorden – A sea of colours, mission accomplished
Dutch Lily Days» 22. P. Aker – Main products: Tulip and Lilium
Dutch Lily Days» 22. Paul Onings: After Lilium and tulip, Amaryllis ranks third
Dutch Lily Days» 22. Touchstone wins first place in Lily League 2022
– Next edition: Flormarket Global 113
– Section Garden Center / Lifestyle. Spoga+Gafa 2022: Back with a strong
– Flormarket Global Punctual. Drones, Park Keukenhof, Zurich Seguro plants


– BotanyXS, the new young plants brand for sustainable gardening by Sala
– Sala Graupera presented a conference on biodiversity
– New collections, like MaQu ®  Herbs, reinforce the Maresme Quality brand of
Poleplants, S.L
– Plantinova showed its complete offer of products and services of high-added
value for nurserymen and other professionals
«Flower Trials» ®  2022
– Calendar of events for the green sector
– Librería Verde / Green book shop