The Syngenta ornamental plant unit has been present at Viridalia, the biennial open-door event in Barcelona’s Maresme, held on June 8, 9 and 10 at different venues in the towns of Premià de Dalt, Vilassar de Mar, Vilassar de Dalt, and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres.

In the words of Manel Barot, head of Syngenta Flowers for Spain: «This year Syngenta flowers has focused on bringing together its varieties in assortments of species that responds to the needs of the consumer, as well as to those of producers, wholesalers and retailers.

The first of the concepts presented by Syngenta Flowers is the so-called Heat Lovers. It is a range of plants that resist the harshest conditions of temperature, sun, lack of water. Here we find annual varieties from seed such as Vinca, annuals from cutting such as Lantana Bandana, Bandolero or Bandolist or even some perennial ones such as Lavandula.

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A second concept is called Calendar Colors, which includes an assortment of perennial plants that bloom in different months of the year, from February to October. On this occasion, this range greatly facilitates the work of the producer. And a third concept meets the needs of all those more urban consumers who want to have their garden at home by growing their own vegetables. This is the Vegetalis concept, which includes different types of leafy and fruit vegetables such as tasty cherry tomatoes, or more or less spicy peppers and even delicious aubergines.

We must not forget the contribution by Syngenta Flowers regarding the commitments to reduce its environmental footprint through the introduction of its innovative XCarrier tray technology for the transport of young plants that are cleaned and reused, thus reducing the use of trays of single-use disposable plastic (up to 200,000 trays per year), and therefore less plastic waste is introduced into the chain.