With Osmocote 5, ornamental plant producers have access to a state-of-the-art fertilizer that offers exceptional plant health and fantastic leaf color.

Precisely, to know all the technical aspects of the product and the opinions of the professionals who are already applying it, ICL has just launched the Green Lab website, which includes a virtual tour with explanatory videos with every detail of the new Osmocote
5. In Green Lab all professionals can access the new characteristics of this fertilizer and know-how a small granule has such an impact on plants.

In the Green Lab, apart from having access to the complete range of Osmocote 5, one can watch videos that detail the main advantages of the product, such as giving an extraordinary leaf color, thanks to the OTEA system, which supplies trace elements in a way brand new;
offering the highest plant quality at all times, since the nutrients are supplied exactly when the plant needs them, generating healthier plants, with better branching, earlier germination, and better color; and getting stronger and more resistant plants, thanks to the smooth and constant growth of the plant, dosing the lower levels of nutrients at the beginning of the growth of the crop and accelerating them later during the main growing season.

Finally, the Green Lab tour offers opinions from producers and professionals from various countries who are already using this new technology in their day-to-day life. For example, Pablo Bordón, from Nursery Mas de Valero in Castellón: «Osmocote 5 has a very particular release curve, with early stability and a much more stable and homogeneous late release curve. This gives us the guarantee that the crop it is developing very well in the early stages, and knowing that we are going to reach the end customer with all the requirements and needs of the plant covered «

Link virtual tour Green Lab (Spanish text)

Info: ICL Specialty Fertilizers Technical Department.