Flormarket Global is edited by Editorial Verdimedia located in Cabrils, province of Barcelona. It is a bimonthly publication in Spanish and English, specializing in cut flowers, ornamental indoor and outdoor plants and arboriculture products, including the supply of products and services to the green sector. The magazine is published on paper and in digital format.


Cultivation techniques, marketing and promotion, reports of international fairs and production areas worldwide, phytopathology, new varieties, research, environment and sustainability, automation and applied robotics, horticultural technology, reports of garden centers, news on transport and packaging calendar international fairs and meetings for professionals, timely news of the guild internationally … Multiple color photographs reinforce the information and facilitate reading.


This international publication is aimed at producers, merchants, garden centers, technicians, agricultural research and divulgator centers,  training centers, wholesale markets, supermarket buying centers and supply companies. It has an international team of collaborators and correspondents, both at its headquarters in Cabrils and at the different production centers in Europe, Asia and, America. The permanent team consists of Isabel Dorado Rocha (administration y social media), Tatiana García Lozada (biologist – editor), and Joaquín Beas Vitutía (biólogo – editor) and Christian Vos (editor).