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ICL presents Osmocote Pro Low P, a range for sensitive plants or for those with low phosphorus needs

Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients when fertilizing ornamental plants, but sometimes there are crops that are very sensitive to phosphorus or have very low needs for this nutrient. The application of phosphorus in these cases can damage plants or cause diseases and unwanted problems, so it is necessary to adjust the application of phosphorus to a very low dose.

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ACPO: The new Spanish Association of Ornamental Plant Marketers

ACPO is the recently created business association that represents the marketers and grower companies of ornamental plants in Spain.

This association was born as a tool of collaboration and dynamization with the objective of promoting the consumption of ornamental plants, reporting its benefits and enhancing quality from the development of economically and socially sustainable production and environmentally conscious, among many other objectives, which are indicated in the website

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Promotion campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture: «You are the reason why»

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food launched a new promotional campaign under the slogan «You are the reason why». whose main objective is to spread the benefits of flowers and plants that provide well-being, color and joy in daily life, but also wants to send a message of thanks, gratitude and solidarity from the whole of society to the groups that have been and are on the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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