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Summary Flormarket Global 107

Editorial: To watch closely: agrochemicals and extra labelling for toxic plants

Manuel Rivera, President of the Association of Farmers of the Northwest Coast of Cádiz:

“There are third generation companies to continue the Chipiona floriculture,

reaching a significant number of countries, floriculture will survive here”

Colvin – online flower sales – wants to start in France

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Principal items in Flormarket Global 105

-Editorial: The best promoters are the producers themselves
-Promotional campaigns for flowers and plants. “Europa Florece” and “Shine on”.
-Shall the Dutch Floriade 2022 survive in spite of a “chaotic management”
-Organization, planning and strategy applied to ornamental plant nurseries
-How much does it cost to produce an ornamental plant?

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Spanish promotion campaign in German

In Flormarket Global 105 magazine several pages were dedicated to the promotional campaigns “Europe Florece” and “Shine On”. The first one was directed to Spain and Germany, while the second campaign was concentrated in the countries Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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