The acquisition includes the complete breeding program of carnation cut flowers and other related species from the Dianthus. This important step, after years of a successful cooperation and supporting the strategic extension of its product portfolio, allows Selecta to add the rich genetic collection of interspecific Dianthus types from Moraglia breeding to its range. This product group addition opens new opportunities to the actual portfolio Selecta cut flowers, subsidiary of the Selecta One group offers to its worldwide market and reassures it´s firm commitment into delivering only the best genetics for Dianthus already enrich with La Villetta s.r.l. assortment back in 2019.

Jordi Caballeria, Selecta cut flowers managing director: «We were determined to secure the very best in the industry, and inevitably, our thoughts leaned towards a breeder in San Remo – Moraglia, recognized as a key player. Moraglia has already left a mark with significant developments and introductions like the worldwide success D. barbatus Kiwi Mellow. His unique taste when it comes to breeding, characterized by an innovative and creative approach that aligns perfectly with our skilled breeding team. This alignment was evident in our previous collaboration.”
Moraglia Breeding is a family business founded over 80 years ago and is run by Carlo Moraglia, who has been dedicated to the genetic improvement and the creation of new varieties of carnations and innovative lines and in keeping the local tradition developed in San Remo, the heart of the “Riviera dei Fiori”.

Carlo Moraglia: “This marks a significant milestone, representing a lifetime of dedication and years of hard work, I feel privileged to continue pursuing my passion, with the assurance that Selecta will not only appreciate it, but also amplify the value of it ensuring it reaches its full potential throughout a successful supply chain. The ever-changing world of flowers and the constant requests for new cut flower articles fuel in me a renewed enthusiasm for what has always been my profession as a breeder. A passion supported over the years by the entire Selecta team and the many Selecta customers I have had the pleasure to meet. I look forward to a collaboration that continues the successes of the past, benefiting both parties and contributing substantially to the ever-growing assortment and the collaborative spirit of the team. This statement reflects my commitment to maintaining and enhancing the legacy we have built together.”
The agreement officially commenced on 01-01-2024, from that date on Selecta One will take over the breeding program and will continue with the unrooted cutting and young plant production in their Kenya/Colombia facilities and distribution by their subsidiary Selecta Cut flowers. All existing customer and supplier relations will remain untouched from the transaction.

Photo 1: Jordi Caballeria (managing director for cutflowers division), Andrea Dohm (breeder),
Carlo Moraglia, Nils Klemm, and Ulrich Sander.
Photo 2: Kiwi Mellow Cool, Kiwi Mellow And Kiwi Chocolate
Photo 3: Nils Klemm and Carlo Moraglia