Since its creation in 2007, Agroservicios Rafael Martínez has opted for the technology of the Italian manufacturer Urbinati, a leading company in the manufacture of machinery for ornamental plant and young plants nurseries. Agroservicios is the official distributor for Spain and Portugal. In this post, a summary of the report in Flormarket Global has been reflected.

Pot fillers

Urbinati is one of the leading companies in machinery for transplantation from tray to tray or to single pots and tray fillers. Intended for the production of ornamental plants in greenhouses, pot fillers are widely accepted. In the case of nurseries for vegetable growing, sowing lines stand out. Irrigation carts, big-bale, mixers, tray fillers, transplanters are valid for the whole horticultural sector, whether edible or ornamental.

The range is much more extensive and includes a large number of products: labellers, distributors and unstackers, substrate fillers and mixers, transplanters, conveyor belts, palletizers, knife mowers, trimmers, tray washers, germination chambers and, in definitively, everything necessary for the automation of the different tasks in greenhouses.

One of the consolidated products in the catalogue for years is the Alfa model roller sowing line. The production capacity of the machine ranges from 200 to 1.200 trays / hour. The filling of the substrate is very uniform in the different cells of the trays, thanks to the quality of the filler.

In the picture:

-José Paredes and Rafael Martínez, behind an Alfa sowing line, at Semilleros Deitana (Totana in the Province of Murcia).

-Manuel Ballester, general manager at Semilleros El Raal Cox (La Aparecida in the Province of Alicante), and Rafael Martínez with two sowing lines from Urbinati.