Ornamentales, Vides y Frutales, SA – Orvifrusa is on its way to reach 50 years dedicated to nursery production. At present, its acronym and commercial name, ORVIFRUSA, continues to present it perfectly, highlighting the fruit trees over the other products of this Valencian company. Fruit trees gathered in different lines, bare root and in container, fruit trees with two varieties, dwarf fruit trees and the BIO-line planned for 2023. Included in a catalog with 250 species of plants, an important part of which will be marketed to buyers of the European Union and third countries. In this post, a summery of the report in Flormarket Global has been reflected.

Conventional and dwarf fruit

The fruit tree is an important product for Orvifrusa, the company produces around 700,000 units annually, in different formats and presentations. Orvifrusa is probably the largest European producer of dwarf fruit trees..

The Valencian company grows around 90,000 dwarf fruit trees / year, approximately 55-60% bare root and 40-45% in container. The dwarf fruit tree is sold in colored pots, for each species matching the colour of its fruit. The line includes eight proposals: apricot, almond, cherry, plum, apple, peach, nectarine and pear. Among all the fruit trees, the production of fig trees stands out, with around 300,000 units / year of a total of 15 varieties with which each campaign is worked. In addition to the fruit tree, we find a complete range of ornamental plants, among which stand out for the foreign market: Euonymus, aromatic plants, laurel (shrub and tree) and climbing plants, among others.


-Dwarf peach cultivation in C-20 cm, in full bloom.

Export market

Over the last 20-25 years, this Spanish company has changed its sales policy. Nowadays, 80% of its business volume corresponds to export, leaving 20% for internal consumption. Exactly the opposite happened two decades ago. Large surfaces of supermarket chains and garden centers are looking for small formats. For this chapter and for all the so-called “promotions”, the offer of classic fruit trees in smaller formats stands out, between 5-10 liter, 1-1.20 meter trunk height. France is the main consumer of this product.

Normally, work is done for one year, giving rise to schedules that are reflected in the plantation itself. The fruit tree is cultivated directly in the field, for being transplanted later into a container until its perfect rooting. Normally, in the months of September – October, the programming of the orders begins to be prepared, closing prices and delivery dates to serve the following fall or wait for spring. Dwarf fruit trees are having great success in large supermarkets, which is why more and more are entering in these promotions, especially for Central European customers. It would be the case of Germany, Denmark, Holland or England. Mostly, the company serves these distribution chains the product in pallet, box-pallet or carts, sometimes mixed.

Garden centers and nurseries

The garden center acquires all kinds of formats, those already mentioned and also larger ones. Another important client is the nursery that buy to recultivate and sell after a time, finishing the product in their own facilities. In the company, sales take place practically throughout the year –except for July and August– especially when it comes to fruit trees. For the rest of the plants, the strong spring campaign is much more noticeable, with peaks in March and April.

-Carts with dwarf fruit trees in colored containers, ready to deliver to the customer.