As previously published in one of Flormarket Global’s recent newsletters, the new online flower auction (OFA) will start on June 9th, the days before this date are spent with trial outs. In the meantime, the FloraHolland warms the producers who sell by OFA will not be permitted to auction their flowers through FloraHolland, if these growers do not give 100% proof that their product has not been auctioned before. 

When growers choose to make exclusive use of the Online Flower Auction, there is no problem. However, if they want to retain the option of also supplying Royal FloraHolland, there will be no access for them at FloraHolland. we Only then is the integrity of our clock guaranteed.

Mr. Van Schilfgaarde, general manager of Floraholland explains: “An essential difference exists between OFA and our current auction system; when the flower remains unsold, these are not automatically destroyed, as it is the case the auctions FloraHolland, Plantion, and Veiling Rhein-Maas. FloraHolland requires complete transparency, including about the not sold flowers at another auction.




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The OFA consists in selling the produce by their auction online, while the flowers are still growing in the greenhouses. Once sold, these are cut, prepared for transport and leave to the client. Faster, better quality, more efficiency and sustainable, according the information of OFA. Van Schilfgaarde calls it an interesting concept, which had already for some time the attention of FloraHolland. For the moment, OFA limits itself to all kinds of cut roses, although other product groups may follow. One expects to reach during the first year a turnover of 30 million euros. FloraHolland sells roses for an amount of 750 million euro a year. During five days a week the OFA will take place in the morning, its principle is selling to day  for delivering tomorrow.