ICL is going to continue in the coming months with the promotion for professional clients of green areas and ornamental plants whereby by purchasing two 200-liter drums of H2Pro and H2Gro wetting agents, or Greenmaster Liquid liquid fertilizers or biostimulants Vitalnova, a support structure for drums will be received. Keep in mind that these drums are difficult to move and lift, so these metal structures are very useful for moving and lifting the drums with agility, facilitating the management and application of these products on the lawn or other types of crops.

With this promotion, ICL wants to support its clients on a day-to-day basis and make their work easier, not only with the latest technology, efficient and sustainable products, but also with advice and technical equipment for their best application and handling. Let’s remember that H2Pro, H2Gro, Greenmaster Liquid and Vitalnova help the lawn in the management and absorption of water and improve its foliar nutrition and recovery from stress.

This promotion has been activated in the month of March and will continue until end of stock throughout 2022.

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