The third edition of the International Flora Expo Antalya is ready to welcome participants.
The fair will take place from October 25th to 28th, 2023, at the Anfaş Antalya Expo Center, providing an exceptional platform to showcase green solutions and innovative technologies, bringing together industry professionals worldwide.

«Third International Flora Expo Antalya: global trade fair for ornamental plants, landscaping, gardening, and production technologies.»

The exhibition will showcase a diverse range of categories: Outdoor and indoor ornamental plants, Mediterranean ornamental plants, Cut flowers, Seasonal ornamental plants, Decorative and swimming pools, Potted ornamental plants, Natural turf, Flower bulbs, Gardening materials and accessories

Landscape applications, Tropical plants, Florist supplies, Digital transformation companies for production materials and greenhouse systems, Landscape application materials, Seeds, Vertical gardening, Desert plants, Garden furniture, Urban furniture, Park equipment.

According the Flora Expo Antalya, the target groups of visitors are the following professional sectors: Landscape companies, Ornamental plant producers, nurseries, Public institutions, Municipality departments, Florists, Florist supplies, Agricultural engineers, Production materials, Construction companies, Contractors, Architects, Foreign investor companies, Green industry professionals, Tourism Business (hotels recreation centres…), Importers and
exporters, Green associations, Unions and cooperatives, City planners, Home improvement stores, Importers, exporters and wholesalers.

Visitors to the fair will contribute significantly to the dissemination of sustainable green solutions for cities and the vision of leaving a more liveable environment for future generations. They will also have the chance to foster collaborations for a greener future in the gem of the Mediterranean: Antalya. To obtain a free online invitation and register for the fair, visit the official website of the event at