Clients and professionals in the ornamental sector who come to the ICL stand at Iberflora 2023 (Hall 1 – Level 3 – Stand C29/30) will be able to learn about the company’s leading technology solutions and participate in several special promotions with the purchase of the agent. H2Gro humectant or Ready  Germiplus herbicide.

ICL will be present for another year at the International of Plants and Cut Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and Bricojardín Iberflora, which will be held in Valencia from October 3 to 5, 2023. At the ICL stand, which will be located in Pavilion 1, Level 3, Stand C29/30, visitors will be able to learn about ICL’s solutions to deal with the extreme weather conditions that we are experiencing in Spain and much of Europe.

Thus, ICL offers solutions such as Osmocote 5, the fifth generation of this innovative CRF fertilizer, which now incorporates the ingenious OTEA system, which delivers micronutrients in a completely new way, or the new NutriMatch-Release controlled release technology, which presents a NPK release pattern that better matches the plant’s needs than ever and helps it cope with the heat. At the stand one can learn about all the benefits of this range.

Gane increíbles premios con H2Gro y Ready Germiplus

To alleviate the problems caused by drought and reduce water consumption in nurseries, at ICL, leaders in tech-nology for fertilization and care of ornamental plants, we offer ornamental plant producers the range of H2Gro wetting agents, 

which ensures that the water is distributed homogeneously in the sub-strate, remaining in the root environment of the plants to ensure constant and long-lasting humidity, saving water and improving the condition of ornamental crops. Thus, H2Gro offers three very important advantages such as better wetting, better water distribution and drainage, and a rewetting effect.For its part, Ready Germiplus is a ready-to-use granular herbicide indicated for the control of grass and dicotyledonous weeds in ornamental crops in nurseries. It acts by preventing the germination of seeds and the development of shoots and is effective on emerging weeds.

In this edition of Iberflora 2023, visitors to the ICL stand will be able to take a free for humidity, pH and light, ordening H2Gro orders. Additionally, with the purchase of Ready Germiplus herbicide one will receive a free manual applicator.

But these will not be the only reasons to visit the ICL stand at Iberflora 2023. Like in other editions pf the fair, customers and visitors will be able to learn about all the ICL ranges in depth and be assisted by the team of technical and commercial advisors to resolve doubts. Good coffee and the best advice for ornamental crop nutrition will always be available at the ICL stand, so be sure to visit this booth! (Hall 1, Level 3, Stand C29/30).

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