The fourth edition of “The Green Times”, ICLs exclusive magazine for ornamental horticulture professionals is now online for electronic viewing. And we say viewing and not "reading" since it is a magazine that includes videos, graphics, different stories that can be read in succession or move from one topic to another in parallel, browsing its contents as we see fit.
A futuristic magazine that, precisely, analyses the nursery of the future and tries to provide inspiration to nursery professionals to face the changes that are taking us towards a more ecological and efficient ornamental horticulture sector, thanks to technology and innovation, with a more appropriate use of inputs and natural resources, such as water.

This new issue of “The Green Times” looks back at history to discover the technologies that have made horticulture what it is today, and also analyses the many possibilities that technology and innovation offer for the future, both in the short term, as in the medium and long term.

Four topics that talk about pioneering companies to a trip through space

The magazine is structured around four main themes through which to navigate and discover many data, which will undoubtedly help us understand the past and future of technology applied to nurseries. The first topic is titled “Technological advances are part of the DNA of horticulture” and it provides a historical review to discover the oldest technologies that, for centuries, have advanced ornamental horticulture.

The second topic is titled “Pioneers around the world” and in it you can meet several pioneers in the sector who face pressing challenges with technological innovations and ecologic practices, with examples from Holland, Germany, China, New Zealand and Spain. They are all pioneering companies that are tackling some of horticulture's most pressing challenges with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. From a small autonomous tractor and an AI that translates what plants need, to down-to-earth sustainable practices, such as paper pots for transplants or customized substrates.
In this space dedicated to Pioneers, the case of Spain must be highlighted: An innovative example to face the challenges posed to a nursery by the increasing drought, one of the many adverse effects of climate change. These effects are well known to the three brothers Ángel, Daniel and Víctor Martínez, who run the company Viveros La Pacheca, in Murcia.

Many companies in the Region of Murcia are dedicated to pursuing growing innovation, because this area is one of the agricultural capitals of Spain. The Martínez brothers have implemented innovative measures such as creating their own substrate, using rainwater, using humidity meters to reduce water consumption, reusing excess energy, etc. The third theme is titled “The Future within Your Reach,” and explores promising advances in technology and
practical, sustainable solutions.

Finally, the fourth theme on which the magazine revolves is “Exploring the limits of plant growth”, where we take a walk through space with experts from the European Space Agency to explore how research in space horticulture can expand the limits of the sustainable cultivation of plants here on Earth.
The “Green Times” Nº4  offers you a journey through the limits of horticulture, where technology, ecology and experience come together. Enjoy reading HERE!