– Editorial: Generate new ideas and energy.

– Pol López, technical secretary of the Associació d’Agricultors Viveristes de Barcelona: “Viridalia Fòrum ’24 is aimed at plant producers, wholesalers, gardening companies, municipal managers, landscapers, garden centers, florists, and other professionals in the green industry.”

– 31 companies will show their new products at Viridalia Fòrum.

– Zabo Plant stages the opening of Dutch Lily Days 2024.

– 20 Years FlowerTrials®: From joint open days to the prime event for networking and inspiration.

– Juan Gómez of Ornameplant Viveros in El Ejido (Almería): Our advantage consists of growing large, strong formats blessed by the Almeria sun.

– Nuevo Centro de Investigación Tecnológico de COEXPHAL (CITCOEX) en La Mojonera (Almería).

– Ton Olsthoorn of Plantal Producciones in El Ejido (Almería): “Conducting in situ tests allows us to select the best Bella® colours to grow in Almería”.

– ICL analyses the nursery of the future in its magazine “The Green Times”.

– GreenTech Amsterdam: Unveiling the future.

– GreenTech Amsterdam: Knowledge program.

– The high salinity of the water in nurseries advises the use of fertilizers that do not increase conductivity, such as Osmocote® and Peters®

– Collectible Cold-tolerant desert plants: Nolina nelsonii.

– Calendar of events for the green sector.

– Librería Verde / Green Bookshop