The use of wetting agent H2Gro, exclusive to ICL and for ornamental horticulture, will be a key factor this spring to save water and costs in nurseries affected by the extreme drought we are currently experiencing.
With H2Gro, maximum efficiency in the use of the water, better distribution and greater durability in the soil are achieved.
Many areas of Spain are affected by severe climate conditions in the form of extreme droughts which are causing limitations on irrigation for all types of crop and rising prices for the available water, leading to the excessive drying out of the substrate which makes it hydrophobic and, therefore, lose its capa-city to absorb water.

To mitigate the problems caused by the drought and reduce the water consumption in nurseries, ICL, leaders in technology for the fertilisation and care of ornamental plants, offers ornamental plant producers its range of wetting agents called H2Gro, the enormous efficiency of which is proven when it comes to helping the water to distribute evenly through the substrate and stay around the root of the plants to ensure constant, long- lasting moistness that saves water and improves the condition of ornamental crops.
H2Gro is a cutting-edge wetting agent, developed especially for planters and containers, which combines a series of surfactants that carry three very important advantages for ornamental crops: Better wetting, better distribution and drainage of the water and a re-wetting effect.

– Wetting: Water not treated with H2Gro could circulate around the edges of the planter and be lost, unable to penetrate the dry growing media. H2Gro reduces the surface tension of the water and distributes it over a greater surface area, enabling the water to penetrate rapidly, even in hydrophobic and water-repel-lent areas.

– Distribution and draining: Thanks to its exclusive mix of surfactants, water treated with H2Gro distributes evenly through the entire substrate of planters and containers, resulting in better nutrient uptake and a larger area for the plant’s roots to grow into. Excess water drains away easily, giving healthy roots and a stronger plant.

– Re-wetting: Untreated growing media can dry out more quickly, which can cause irrigation water to drain away without penetrating. H2Gro’s re-wetting effect is long-lasting: It optimises moisture retention in the growing medium for a longer period of time and through numerous re-wetting cycles.
Thanks to this triple effect, H2Gro improves plant quality as it stimulates healthy, uniform plant growth thanks to balanced moisture concentration in the growing medium. It also improves drainage in planters and crops, prevents irrigation peaks and avoids root asphyxia. All this translates to very significant advantages for nursery plants, as it protects them from water stress, reduces hydrophobic areas, keeps the soil’s beneficial organisms in perfect condition and places 100% of the water at the plant’s disposal.

In all the trials carried out by ICL, it was found that the use of H2Gro leads to water retention of 30 to 35% in addition to the planter remaining moist for 20 to 25% longer than with water not treated with this wetting agent. This translates to significant water savings in nurseries and more efficient use of the water, which is vital in times of drought where avoiding wasting this common resource is everyone’s responsibility.

ICL Technical Department.

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