The votes from all over the world are in. Both online votes and those from the visitors of the Dutch Lily Days reveal which
Lily varieties offer the greatest potential for the future. This has culminated with a modern top 3 and a refreshing update of the Lily League ® top 50. The double flowered Diantha is the new number 1.

Particularly during the Dutch Lily Days, but also at other moments throughout the year, the Lily is a much-discussed
flower. However, an independent survey is required to clarify which are the most popular varieties worldwide. Lily League
provides Lily users and enthusiasts the opportunity to point out their favourites. Onings Holland Flowerbulbs collects
market information daily and is the initiator of Lily League. The increased share of double flowered Lilies in the top 50 is
quite noticeable.

An updated and fresh top 3

The number 1 of the Lily League of this year is the double-flowered Oriental ‘Diantha’(breeder: Vletter & Den Haan). It
is quite clear that the interest in double-flowered lilies is increasing. With the growing number of different varieties, the
sector is now gaining some clarity upon which ones will be good enough for the future.

A new development within double flowered varieties is the introduction of LA and OT hybrids. Hybrid lilies distinguish
themselves from the traditional Lilies with their bigger flowers, wide choice of colours, and vigorous growth. The rise of
new double flowered OT hybrids is particularly interesting. The white-colored ‘Blizzard’ (Vletter & Den Haan) has already made it into the top 3 of the Lily League.
For now, the single-flowered lilies still account for the largest share of the market. Well-known lily classics, such as
‘Siberia’, ‘Sorbonne’ and ‘Conca d’Or’ are still represented within the list. The number 2 variety of the Lily League is
Touchstone (Mak Breeding). This red OT hybrid is as compact as an Oriental and has an equal bud count too.

Dutch Lily Days is a checkpoint

During the Dutch Lily Days, the Lily is in the spotlight and many International Lily professionals come together to talk
about their beloved flower. After their visit to one of the participants, everyone can vote for their favourite varieties in the
Lily League. This outlines the Dutch Lily Days as an important checkpoint for the Lily sector.
The 50 varieties that received the most votes will be glowing on the new Lily League poster. The posters will be spread
among growers and flower sellers around the world. Therefore, everyone will be aware as to which direction the Lily
market is moving.