The new website for Spain is It contains specific sections with technical information of interest, the complete catalog of the company’s solutions, its team of experts and a useful search engine for the ICL distribution network.

The website has a double objective: First, and logically, to present all the company’s products for its three market segments (agriculture, ornamental horticulture and green areas); and, secondly and
more importantly, to be a reference in technical content for technicians and professionals interested in ornamental horticulture, landscaping and lawn care. Designed in such a way that clients and professionals can navigate through it in an intuitive and simple way to learn about ICL solutions. This innovative website consists of a large container of technical information, which will grow day after day to help improve efficiency in the crop nutrition and improve training and knowledge on precise fertilization. At ICL it is clear that technical information and continuous training in the proper use of fertilizers are key to achieving real sustainability in such important segments as ornamental crops and green areas.

Technical sections, experts and distributor search

This vocation to transmit technical knowledge to the sector is seen as soon as one enters the website, from where with a single click one has access to both the products in the ICL catalog and the solutions proposed by the company for ornamental plants and grass. Of special interest is the area called “Knowledge Center”.

In the “Testimonials” section, interviews with “greenkeepers”, “groundsmen”, nurserymen, gardening specialists, etc. are collected. The website also includes a section for current news and important events, and information on sustainability, quality and safety.

It is important to note that both for the section dedicated to ornamental horticulture and for the green areas section, the website includes two special sections. The first is a panel of company experts to be able to advise clients and professionals who need it. The second is a distributor search engine that makes it easy to find the nearest point of sale to purchase products from the company’s catalog.

In any case, when referring to a new digital platform as “ICL Growing Solutions”, the best thing to do is browsing the website and discover all the information and technical resources made available to professionals and technicians.

Do not hesitate and visit the website: