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ICL presents Osmocote Pro Low P, a range for sensitive plants or for those with low phosphorus needs

Phosphorus is one of the essential nutrients when fertilizing ornamental plants, but sometimes there are crops that are very sensitive to phosphorus or have very low needs for this nutrient. The application of phosphorus in these cases can damage plants or cause diseases and unwanted problems, so it is necessary to adjust the application of phosphorus to a very low dose.

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The ornamental plant and cut flower grown in the region of Baixo Miño (Galicia – Spain) have an identifying label

Last December 7, Viveiros O Piñeiro was the setting chosen for the presentation of the new identification label by Carmelo Silva, president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra. She emphasized the fact that this sector «is for the future» because «it is closely linked to the need for a different economy, in which we go from destroying to caring for the planet.» The creation of the guarantee seal is an initiative of this council and the Asociación de Cultivos do Baixo Miño (acuBam).

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