José Santamaría Tirado and brothers inherited from their parents a love for the countryside. Something that came from his grandparents and which in the present materializes in a company specialized in the production of cut flowers and greens. Flowers began to be part of the family business in the late 90’s. Currently, the company offers all kinds of cut flowers and greens from Chipiona (Province of Cádiz). An important part is own production and the rest is produced by collaborating growers. In this post, a summery of the report in Flormarket Global has been reflected.

Specialized in the production

The flower business in the company follows a path similar to that of many colleagues: Starting with standard and mini carnation, later incorporating Gypsophila paniculata, Solidago, Antirrhinum and other species.

Mr. Santamaría explains in the article in Flormarket Global the great floriculture potential of the Chipiona area. The quality of its groundwater and its soil, the temperate climate with the necessary humidity, many hours of light and, of course, with professionals who have a lot of experience. In the 90’s there was too much intrusion of not professional growers and traders and aspects such as illegal rooting did a lot of damage to the Chipiona brand. “But that is over and now there are only professionals who take great care of their business and respect royalties, working side by side with breeders,” says José.

70% export

The wholesalers and florists in the Spanish market represent a 30% share of total flower and green sales. This market is attended weekly, all year round, with a complete range of flowers and greens produced in Chipiona. Sales in foreign markets represent 70% of commercialization, with products such as Antirrhinum, Eucalyptus, Ozothamnus diosmifolius, wax flower, etc. Every year an attempt is made to extend the export campaign, which now runs from September to June. The company has reinvested its profits for years and now owns close to ten hectares, approximately 50% of protected cultivation (multitunnel and under nets) and the same amount in the open air, apart from other rented land.

-Pretected Cultivation of Asparagus