The Green Times, ICL’s exclusive ornamental plant magazine, dedicates its new edition to the power of plants. This annual magazine, with a spectacular design that includes animations, videos and interactive texts created exclusively for a digital format, dedicates its third edition to talking with highly influential professionals in the ornamental sector to delve into the benefits of plants and trees.

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The Green Times is a magazine that cannot be “explained by telling”, one has to see it or better “go through it”, since its digital format is designed to surprise the readers, leaving them free to continue reading, stop to watch one of its videos or move forward for the different proposals that are made in each section. For this reason, when you enter the digital world of The Green Times, reality changes and what in a normal magazine seems like nine pages, here they become different proposals and with various options to enjoy and learn.
Throughout the different sections of this third issue of The Green Times we can delve into such different topics, but so related to achieving a sustainable future, such as “Green Cities”, Biodiversity or a visit to the ICL laboratories.

In the section dedicated to Green Cities, we talk about how European cities are increasingly focusing on being green. That is, in literally being more “green”, adding plants and trees to the streets, buildings, terraces, etc. Public green spaces have a positive impact on biodiversity and the habitability of these cities.

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In the section on Biodiversity, an attempt is made to show that the main solution to this problem is in our hands. We have to change our way of thinking, since we humans are the main cause of the biodiversity crisis that is taking place right now.
And in the visit to the laboratory we are going to see how adequate plant nutrition helps plants to be healthier, stronger and more resistant to stress and diseases. ICL’s innovative controlled release fertilizers are packed with the latest technologies to perfectly match the needs and nutrition of plants.
But, as we have said, The Green Times is not a magazine to explain in words, but to visit and enjoy a different, fun digital experience and where learning and information is almost like a game.