Always we rejoice in celebrating the birth of a new life. In these cases, the greatest happiness corresponds to the parents. Without wishing to make comparisons, it is true that, for its leaders, a company is almost like a sun or daughter. The satisfied faces in our interview with Albert Sala and Guillem Morral during Viridalia’22, talking about the young BotanyXS, confirms it .
BotanyXS is the new company of the Sala Graupera group, under which name young plants in different formats are marketed, intended for sustainable gardening for clients in Spain (including the Canary Islands), Portugal, France and England. We interviewed Albert Sala (general manager and sales director of Sala Graupera) and Guillem Morral (general manager and sales director of BotanyXS), on the occasion of the presentation of this new brand.

Trays and ‘godets’
Vivers Sala Graupera launched the new BotanyXS brand at Iberflora’21 and also at their own facilities during the celebration of Viridalia’22. It is a new ‘partner’ with which the group intends to guarantee the quality standard that the clients seek. BotanyXS is not just a good product, it is accompanied by a service, seeking to optimize the value chain of sustainable ornamental plants.
This new product line in the catalog of the Barcelona business group is focused on the production of perennials and shrubs with a Mediterranean climate. These species are suitable for green roofs, vertical gardens, as well as for the landscaping, tree pits and also for delivery to other nurseries specialized in sustainable gardening.

The formats available for the plant are: trays (from 28 to 150 units per tray) and godets (small pots of 8 cm x 8 cm). Always within the umbrella of sustainable gardening, among the wide assortment, we find bush division shade plants from all over the world, as well as shrubs and Mediterranean perennial plants.

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Among the shade species, the lines of dwarf Agapanthus stand out. Boronia crenulata (origin Australia), Phylica ericoides (South Africa) and Westringia fruticosa (Australia) are widely accepted among shrubs of Mediterranean origin. Regarding the perennial plants, Gaura, Verbena and Salvia are some outstanding examples.

For this new young plant line, work is done with certain schedules, although there is always stock available.
The contact with the grower is very close, helping to multiply the ‘feedback’. If the client requests it, BotanyXS offers advice, especially in the selection of species or in the recommended number of cuttings; also to choose the most appropriate time for planting with the purpuse to obtain the best result according to the format and final date of sale planned by the client. The idea is, according to Guillem’s words, “To carry out all the accessory care necessary for the young plants, so that these develop successfully”.
The very concept of sustainability is what attracts the producer in Spain. When we talk about growers from France and other countries, they refine more and look for special novelties. For example, the French market asks now for a lot species and varieties with gray colors and glaucous tones.

The new company BotanyXS faithfully follows the path marked out for decades by Sala Graupera, the production of plants suitable for sustainable gardening, which is now also cultivated in different plant formats. Albert Sala reminds us of the company’s 50-year history and more than 20 years specializing in sustainable gardening. “My father and my uncle bought plants in Israel in those days, without any information about them,” he notes. For this reason, for this very reason the company has always been willing to support the client with rigorous information, as well as establishing a demonstration garden to explain and show how the plants are growing. Diversity and sustainability guide the work of the Sala Graupera group, now also from the new BotanyXS.