ICL has been present at Iberflora 2023, the Spanish international fair for plants, cut flowers, landscaping, technology and DIY-garden, celebrated in Valencia from October 3 to 5, 2023. This event has been the ideal place to present the new ICL Growing Solutions website to ornamental plant professionals. The website has been in operation for two weeks and has completely changed its design and represents a new philosophy of transmitting the company’s knowledge to its clients and technicians in the sector. Also have been presented at the Valencia international fair the company’s leading technology solutions to alleviate the problems caused by drought and to reduce water consumption in nurseries, such as the H2Gro range of wetting agents.

The new website www.icl-growingsolutions.es has a double objective. First, and logically, presents all the company’s products for its three segments (agriculture, ornamental horticulture and green areas).
Secondly, even more important, it becomes a reference in technical content for fertilization professionals. Thus, digital content will grow to comply with the transfer of knowledge to the sector and be more sustainable in this transfer, printing less paper and reducing the logistics of physical brochures, by increasing the use of digital support.

Leading products and promotions with H2Gro and Ready Germiplus

At the product level, ICL has presented its leading solutions such as Osmocote 5, the fifth generation of this innovative CRF fertilizer, which now incorporates the ingenious OTEA system, which supplies micronutrients in a all-new, or the new controlled-release NutriMatch-Release technology, which features an NPK release pattern that better than ever matches the plant's needs and helps to cope with the heat.


Special emphasis has also been placed on the company’s technologies to alleviate the problems caused by drought and reduce water consumption in nurseries, such as the H2Gro range of wetting agents, which ensures that water is distributed homogeneously in the substrate, it remains in the root environment of the plants to ensure constant and long-lasting humidity, saving water and improving the condition of ornamental crops. Thus, H2Gro offers three very important advantages such as better wetting, better water distribution and drainage, and a rewetting effect.

Ready Germiplus is a ready-to-use granular herbicide indicated for the control of grasses and dicotyledonous weeds in ornamental crops in nurseries. It acts by preventing the germination of seeds and the development of shoots and is effective on emerging weeds.
Finally, the many professional visitors who have passed by the ICL stand have been able to participate in a promotion to obtain a free sensor to measure humidity, pH and light, making an order for H2Gro.
In addition, with the purchase of Ready Germiplus herbicide, a manual product applicator has been offered free of charge.

ICL Technical Department
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