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Auction FloraHolland and OFA Online Flower Auction are crossing swords

As previously published in one of Flormarket Global’s recent newsletters, the new online flower auction (OFA) will start on June 9th, the days before this date are spent with trial outs. In the meantime, the FloraHolland warms the producers who sell by OFA will not be permitted to auction their flowers through FloraHolland, if these growers do not give 100% proof that their product has not been auctioned before.

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Santamaría Tirado Productores de Flor SL in Flormarket Global 109

José Santamaría Tirado and brothers inherited from their parents a love for the countryside. Something that came from his grandparents and which in the present materializes in a company specialized in the production of cut flowers and greens. Flowers began to be part of the family business in the late 90’s. Currently, the company offers all kinds of cut flowers and greens from Chipiona (Province of Cádiz).

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Agroservicios Rafael Martínez: machinery for ornamental plants and young plants nurseries

Since its creation in 2007, Agroservicios Rafael Martínez has opted for the technology of the Italian manufacturer Urbinati, a leading company in the manufacture of machinery for ornamental plant and young plants nurseries. Agroservicios is the official distributor for Spain and Portugal. In this post, a summary of the report in Flormarket Global has been reflected.

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